Fix Your Wrong Caller ID Name



Wrong Caller ID Name


A single number Caller ID Name fix costs $295.00

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We fix the Caller ID Name your customers see when they receive your calls

Your customers see your caller ID for the duration of the call. This is a powerful, highly targeted and free ad! Yet, old company names, poor abbreviations, misspellings, or just plain wrong Caller ID diminishes the value of this free ad. Compared to the cost of a single radio spot or newspaper ad, our one-time fee to correct your business Caller ID Name is a bargain. Wrong Caller ID is bad for business. If your Caller ID name is wrong when you call from your business to customers and prospects, the answering party may…

  • Screen you
  • Not answer your call
  • Consider you a new business — and not buy from you.

The Issue of Caller ID Name: The caller ID number is sent from the calling phone to the answering phone. Generally, the number is never wrong. The calling number is hardwired into the basic design of the nation’s telephone system. Yet, at the answering end, prior to the answer, the carrier for the answering party must first access a “Calling Name” (CNAM) database to add the name. Sometimes shortcuts are taken to save money. Also, with over 10 databases in the US, lack of coordination and updating between these name databases causes additional Caller ID Name errors. Making corrections is difficult. If you have ever tried to talk to a carrier to fix something, then you know. Carrier repair issues can be maddening! We efficiently correct Caller ID Name errors. We fix wrong Caller ID Names sent to the answering parties when businesses make outbound telephone calls. We also can make only your main telephone number show on outbound calls.

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