Fix wrong or bad Caller ID Name

We now also fix your outbound CID fraud rating, no added charge!

We Fix Caller ID Name Database (CNAM) Errors

When Caller ID was invented, the name was left out! Or maybe we should say, it did not fit. To simplify things, your Caller ID is your billing telephone number + the associated name on the top of the phone bill. For billing purposes in say a collect call, only your telephone number mattered. Early Caller ID only had number. Some sates such as Pennsylvanian thought showing the name was an intrusion into privacy.

So, the displayed name was and remains a bolt on. It’s all controlled by the phone company databases on each end of a call.

  • The Caller ID number is controlled by the calling party making the phone call. It’s a fixed billing number it never fails.
  • The Caller ID name (CNAM) is controlled by the answering party. It’s a database lookup from unfortunately a database not tied to or owned by the sender! Argh!

We fix the name that shows when you make an outbound call to a destination. Specifically, we make CNAM database corrections to national name databases to fix the name people see on their phone when they answer your call. We have access to all national name databases.

We are a tiny division of Infotel Systems, a hosted VOIP service provider in Richmond, Virginia. As such, we have access to many carrier circuits to cross check the name databases with test calls. At times, carriers may cache names or have different names stored in load balancing servers. The name found with an online tool may not match the name retrieved with an actual phone call. We sort that all out.

This service was created as our customers kept asking us how to fix their wrong CID name. We needed to develop a CNAM lookup tool. Maybe in 2030, we won’t be needed. Until then, give us a call at (804) 266-6600 to have a passionate, slightly boring, caffeine and carbs induced technical discussion about Caller ID technology or life in general from the nationally renowned VoIP and certainly Caller ID Name nerds!

A Story of a Bad Caller ID Name and a Bad Man

VoIP CNAM Caller ID repair fix bad

We received a call from a very anxious New York City securities firm. They had assumed assets to include the telephone system of a recently incarcerated New York securities trader named Bernie Madoff. Some of you might remember the name. Madoff was involved in a massive Ponzi scheme that is considered one of the largest financial service frauds in U.S history.

Often, when they called a potential customer, depending on the area of the country they called, this is what the answering party saw as the displayed Caller ID:

Calls to destination having (service) sees …

VERIZON customers see ]XXXX,TRADING]


VONAGE customers see [XXXX,TRADING]

LEVEL3 customers see Bernard Madoff

COMCAST customers see Bernard Madoff

Bernie was incarcerated but his name lived on. Incorrect Caller ID Name (CNAM) is bad advertising! Let us fix your Caller ID name before they seriously damage your reputation and your business!