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Frequently asked questions.

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When you call people, most phone systems just send your Caller ID number to the destination. The receiving end looks up the name. The caller ID name (CNAM) may come from one of over fifteen “CNAM” databases. These databases don’t always update each other. Some carriers choose not to update their name databases often enough. For more information see Dropping the Calling Name Ball article.

The second reason is your company owned VoIP PBX is sending the wrong (CNIP) Calling Name Identification Presentation and the call path is 100% VoIP. The call never hits the old school public switch telecom networks (PSTN) that “DIP” CNAM databases. Thus, YOU are controlling your outbound name to SOME VoIP path endpoints. Ask your PBX vendor to provide the value of the CNIP setting in your PBX programming.

See our $$$ page.

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The destination carrier does not wish to purchase CNAM information and their own databases have no name record for your calling number. Read the next paragraph
The short answer is Verizon has a policy of not paying for CNAM info.

04/01/2013 04:30 PM email from Verizon
“We recently expanded LNP (local number portability) capabilities. This was done to reduce/eliminate the number of misrouted CNAM queries; however, it also changed the CNAM experience for ported (TN) telephone numbers outside of the East region when calls terminate to Verizon East. Prior to the LNP expansion, the state name would/should have displayed. This recent change to expand LNP capabilities (in the calling scenario mentioned) combined with no reciprocal contractual agreements between Verizon East and the originating TN’s carrier, the CNAM display for the terminating customer will either be no display, Unavailable or Out of Area.”

Our position is we will fix CNAM issues for you, our customer, when you call a Verizon telephone number if:

You have (originating calls with) Verizon OR
Your telephone carrier has a reciprocal agreement with Verizon.

Bottom line, ask for a written commitment from us and we will tell you if we can do it.

We first provide you a report from our databases showing the scope of the problem.

We then submit the changes to your primary carrier and to other independent name databases across the country. Our reports carry weight with the database providers.

We may also need to add, delete or change directory listings as they may affect Caller ID Name.

We do make many follow up tests, phone calls and emails. It’s a lot of work!

Call or email us. We will run a free name database report for you and email it to you.

Call us back and discuss your issue. If you like what you hear…

Send us payment via our payment link.

Send us two pages from your phone bill. The front page and the page showing your telephone number(s). Larger project? Send us an excel sheet with the numbers.

We call you to make initial tests and collect other required information.

We will need you to involve your account manager for some name corrections if calls made FROM your office TO your own office have the wrong name.

You are buying a caller ID name repair across several national databases as defined by our report to you.

You may submit 10 “reality check” numbers showing the wrong name. We will check these numbers and if a name on this list is still bad, fix the underlying database for that number AND add that database to our list of national databases.

We provide a one year warranty on the change so long as it was not caused by you!

Handle any CNAM requests related to cell phone, residential, 800, 900 or non-US numbers.

Make name changes to a name not reflected on your master or sub account phone bill.

Yes. Provided you do not change your bills such as changing your company name or carrier.

Call us if you are considering this 60 days BEFORE the change and we will provide advice to keep it fixed or manage the entire conversion.

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